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Simple implementation based on Euclidean distance


For analytics purposes we use different data visualization tools like Google DataStudio and Tableau. They fetch data from SQL views deployed on Postgres and show beautiful graphs.

Problem statement

Sometimes sudden spikes appear on the graphs. In most cases, they are caused by an issue on backend or client side like a bug in purchase handler or recent deployment that went wrong. The problem will be fixed in a while but the data is already affected and graphs show wrong numbers. …

There are three important limitations you need to know in case you’re going to set up or already have a logical replication system on RDS. They are related to re-creation, reboot and change of the subscription or publisher instances and might lead to awful consequences if you are not aware of them.


There is a tricky thing behind max_replication_slots and you might face serious problems after re-creation of the instance:

2019-07-05 13:16:18 UTC::@:[6165]:PANIC: could not find free replication state, increase max_replication_slots

New subscription instance just won’t start. Here is what I found on postgresql forums:

The identifiers aren’t currently dropped…

Viktor Savelev

Backend Developer

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